Landscape Architecture - Bachelors

The ‘Grey to Green’ Project

The project uses natural systems to manage water and reduce flooding by creating a network of vegetated corridors in wide neutral grounds that will also serve as neighborhood parks where trees, plants, and permeable hardscapes allow water to penetrate into the ground to replenish groundwater. The use of a sequence of tiered parklands protects the most vulnerable community assets from floodwaters while also offering accessible spaces that improve community health and well-being.

The project enables positive benefits for both social and ecological conditions within the site. Along with the extension of natural mangrove ecosystems, the most vulnerable community assets will also be protected from floodwaters.

daniel donaghey

Daniel is passionate about emphasising the importance of keeping a strong link between nature and urban life. He is a firm believer in sustainable landscape design, planting, restorative design, and biodiversity promotion.