Landscape Architecture - Honours

Regeneration for the Future of Salisbury

Salisbury will be a thriving cultural-industrial precinct that celebrates its industrial heritage while it will be an attractive, and cohesive landmark for the community. Salisbury will recognise the uniqueness of munition history and industrial character through the embodiment of its industrial heritage and culture.

Salisbury will be a vibrant, welcoming, & connected community with its rich local character and culture

Salisbury Precinct Masterplan

Street Market (Chrome Street) Detailed Plan & Section

Salisbury will recognise the uniqueness of the munition history & local character. For example, the activation of ‘Munition Trail’ with the provision of local art displays will promote the industrial culture of Salisbury.

The introduction of mixed land use will promote social interaction and industrial restructuring. For example, the transformation of Chrome Street into a multi-purpose streetscape will support local businesses featuring outdoor markets and festivals.

The provision of enhanced pedestrian streetscape will improve the connectivity of Salisbury. For example, the proposed Green Corridor with the integration of enhanced RSL Park will promote the walkability on-site.

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Chun Yin (Anson) Lau

Anson is enthusiastic to combine his interests in the discipline of urban design and master planning, with the passion to study in the field of landscape urbanism. He believes that the regeneration of the urban landscape is an opportunity to connect the community and culture, and challenges landscape architecture in embodying the uniqueness of the local character and history.