Landscape Architecture - Honours

Maggie Meets a Flower

"Maggie Meets a Flower" is a book targeted at young people, a tool to capsize ignorance around waste in our landscapes. We’re not taught where our rubbish goes, or how the waste system works, rather, the moment waste enters our household bins, most of us have no further general understanding of its journey or lifecycle beyond the broad and elusive term ‘landfill’. This book asks us to consider these journeys, and to engage the curiosity of younger generations: enough for them to want to know more; enough for them to really care, and help to resolve our waste issues. This book connects to landscape architecture through its efforts to teach the young in our society what our rubbish becomes, to connect with that rubbish, and to understand the impacts that everything we consume has on the same landscapes we are trying to plant trees in and enjoy.

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Greta Shields

Greta is a Landscape Architecture student who loves to explore the space between hand graphics and digital software, as well as the boundaries between landscape architecture and the other industries we are so closely tied to.