Landscape Architecture - Bachelors

Liberating Land

This design is based on the concept that the performance-based planning scheme requires developers to provide a public open space in conjunction with each other. With requirements that each footprint facilitates an intended spatial experience or variating aspects of nature. This design intends to promote the sense of community within this region of Brisbane. By implementing these new systems, the focus is on ecological resilience within an increased infrastructural method. This concept intends to improve the overall health and well-being of humanity while maintaining a critical landscape that will progress and develop over time under changing conditions.

2050 – 2100

Spatial experience

Kuripla Point 2100 Vision


Sinead Wone

Sinead Wone is a creative and comprehensive thinker; Sinead has completed a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture, where she learnt about emotional intelligence within design. This passion has provided a driven approach to human centred design and designing beyond human existence.