Landscape Architecture - Bachelors

Kurilpa Point Park

The project is the proposal to develop Kurilpa Point Park in terms of resilience. This sustainable project could change not only the landscape but also local communities in West End in various ways, inducing certain behaviors expected by local residence to communicate with people and society that influence their daily lives.

KURILpa point park

Kurilpa Point Park stands between Brisbane CBD(Central Business District) and Westend, surrounded by local facilities that provide spaces for social activities, such as GOMA(Gallery of Modern Art). Besides, the site is easily accessible to the public transport system in the Brisbane city area, it is approachable through the Kurilpa bridge from the station for the pedestrian who does not prefer to drive within congested city driveway.

Furthermore, an industrial factory which is exclusive space occupies around the project site, little space is used by people for mostly jogging rather than communicational activities. So, it hinders local communities from strengthening their unity. As historical characteristics are still in the Kurilpa area, aboriginal heritage and early multicultural immigrants, such as historical knowledge and their residence, have to be shared to remain.

In addition, the area is prone to flooding from heavy rain during monsoon seasons since it is adjacent to the Brisbane River. Thus, it needs solutions to mitigate the impact of water danger or, perhaps, ways to exploit the potential threat.


The purposes of the project aim to develop the site in sustainable and resilient ways. It also shows how it changes local communities and individuals in the neighbourhood for the next century as the design is not aesthetic values but changes for people.

Ecosystem strategy of a century

Kyeongwon Cho

I, as a landscape architecture student with an international background which is Korea, have been studying the discipline for three years, learning what should be considered and how spatial design can change society since I value contribution to liveable cities.