Landscape Architecture - Honours


How do we design our built environments for a more than human future? This project is an experiment in developing an experiential language that communicates the value in the experiences shared across human and non-human perspectives. Explored through a series of ten artworks that correspond to five key experiences - this artistic language is carried across into a design experiment, where experience is used to facilitate a design outcome.

Art as an experiential Language

This project focuses on the experiences of landscape shared across the human and non-human perspectives.
I needed to ask myself, ‘How we embody space, what are our key experiences? How do these differ from a perceived notion of the non-human experience? How are they similar? and most importantly, what do these look like?’

This was the moment I turned toward art as a means of experiential language. Through an artistic process I could communicate the landscape experience of both ourselves and the non-humans. This resulted in the below series of artworks and in the development of a visual language that I could apply to a design process.

A process where Experience Facilitates Design

Design Outcome

Site Experiment – Thomas Jack Park

This site design of Thomas Jack park is guided by an exploration of five key experiences from both human and non-human perspectives.  As a design experiment, this methodology seeks to highlight the potential that landscape architecture has for capturing the intimate moments that we share across species, within the landscape.

The communication of this design is inspired by the artistic language developed through the accompanying experiential artworks.

This design is communicated through a series of sectional vignettes that guide the viewer through moments within the landscape, inspired by the 5 key experiences explored throughout the project.

Sectional Vignettes

A series of 5 sectional vignettes that correspond to the above site plan

The series of 5 sectional vignettes correspond to specific journeys or moments identified on the above plan of Thomas Jack Park. These moments relate to the key experiences explored through the artworks. These experiences are Feeding, Reflection, Rest, Scale and Movement.

The visual language for these sectional vignettes was developed through the creation of the artworks, where I discovered that the communication of experience doesn’t happen through technical drawings but instead through the manipulation of colour, texture, scale and light that evokes a sense of being within the imagined landscape.

Cassandra Friday

Inspired by the beauty and complexity of the landscape, Cassandra is passionate about the interconnectedness between human and non-human systems and how we can understand and learn from each other's stories, realities and experiences. She is excited to be a part of the continued influence of landscape architectural thinking and practice within our changing world.